the rituals of breaking trends

Short Skirts

When is the right time to break the trend of cliches. When would you know that years old trend of stupid cliches are actually very stupid. they are habitually binding and obscuring. We try to rationalize our mistakes by binding them to the cliches. The cliches try to become rational by binding themselves with our obstructions.
So this is a classic cliche tale of girl falling for a guy deeply in love. I was not naive or innocent when all this happened. But somehow I ended up thinking that whatever is happening, the guy, the feelings are going to be with me for whole life. I was so happy to find love of my love so early. Plus I was happy to find a guy who was in love with me, he was my friend before he proposed me. So yeah I was happy. We had this so called perfect chemistry little did I know that what is coming. The shit hit the fan when one fine day I found my best with my boyfriend. They were kissing each other. Yeyi…I love cliches. I was shocked, actually everyone was shocked. But I was the one who was shocked as well as devastated. So I did the most logical thing that came up in my mind at that time, I blurted out the most important question that popped in my mind at the time of crisis, “Why”. And just like that everything came crashing down around me. The building collapsed and my boyfriend died that day…..but then where was the cliche in it. So the saga of cliche continues with the answer my boyfriend gave me. My boyfriend asked me to leave, my best friend was standing there with a triumphant look on her face. I was so traumatized, I did the next logical thing possible, I left.
Leaving was the easy part but remaining that way was tough for me. Then for first time in my life ever I thanked my ego which helped me a lot, it helped me in staying away from the douche who cheated on me and took away two of my good friends away from my life. I mean come on my boyfriend was my good friend too. So I somehow kept my front and managed not to go back . Then came the prancing around, they flaunted each other as if they had the best catch ever with themselves. I would have suffered some more but Karma kicked their butt. They ended their so called affair. My ex cheated again. cliche…I know but true as hell. In this whole spiderweb of cliche, what was not cliche that this time when a plain Jane fell for a Jock, the jock didn’t fall for a short skirt. he fell for a Tomboy. In my cliche I was the plain jane, the boyfriend was obviously Jock and yep my best friend was Tomboy.
I was devastated this whole time, despite feeling momentarily rush of ecstasy but in my defence I had every reason to be sad. But somehow my plight was increased by the fact that my boyfriend didn’t pick a girl who was wearing a skirt shorter than mine. He fell for someone who was a lot like me. My best friend a I went along so nicely because we did have similar tastes. Well look at the extent the similarity, she selected the same guy as I did. My ex didn’t went for a model, he could have but he didn’t and that hurted most. and then he didn’t even continued what he started with my best friend. He just kept on drifting like and an idiotic plastic bag. A plastic bag which should be used only for collecting poop.


cliches are too cliche

I tried so hard to blame that it was a classic case of being a cliche, but the cliche ended at me. My realisation, that it was me not my boyfriend, who was cliche was shocking. It would have done wonders to my ego if somehow I could blame someone else for my plight because that is what cliches does, they make you weak. They make you skip rational thoughts. If could have somehow fitted an analogy with some cliche during my heartbreak I would have never realised my own flaws. The fact that reason of my breakup was not some other other girl or guy but it was my own insecurity of losing my guy to some short skirt.
For a very long time we have seen these cliche short skirts stealing our guys away. We mop after our guys. We blame them, both the girl and the guy. But never in million year we ever think that seriously , like really seriously the breakup was our fault. Because no amount of short skirt can really steal away your true love, which is again a cliche. It is like a cycle, we try to defend one cliche with another. We grasp it like it is life saving trend. While in reality we are just too weak to go for the reality and hence we compromise with cliches. We act like addicts and to justify our addiction we never question validity of cliches.
I discovered the reality during this heartbreak. I realised that we are fools to be addicted to cheap booze while we all can have single malt scotch. We are settling down for substandard shit while we can always have the real deal. Going through a heartbreak teaches you a lot of things. It teaches you life. It teaches you to take easy decisions. Like life is like coffee. You can make Americano out of it or just whip it with cream and ice; whichever suits you better; whichever defines you better. Just because we have seen it around in a certain way, it need not to be like that. We can classify it in simpler form. Simpler form like coffee with cream or scotch on rocks. Life is too sublime to be spent cliche to cliche.


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