♥ love at first sight ♥ 

Some one please hand me my eye-patch,  I am falling in love… at first sight.  If only one eye is functional then would i fall in love partially.

Oh dear Archimedes,  why you have proposed buoyancy for partially or wholly immersed fluids and not something one love at first sight with bifocals on. I guess,  the relatively simple phenomenon of buoyancy was easier for him to postulate rather then diving head along in the “abyss-like”  ocean of love to check whether an individual can survive or not; immersed partially or wholly. 

When I mention ☝ this opinion to others,  some of them quote Shakespeare to me… Remember Touchstone and Audrey… and like a perfect cynic I reply,  “Yeah I also happen to remember Romeo and Juliette”.  They (Romeo and Juliette) definitely conveyed this message clear as, Sploid,  “When in love kill yourself” .. And if it is love at first sight..  😜.. well,  should I say more. Also don’t forget all happened in four days.  Not that number of days has to do anything with stupidity 😉. 

What if I am blind… what are the odds of falling in love for me then😧 none I guess…. Not at least “love at first sight”. Worst (maybe not so worst 😉)  what if I use bifocals.If I am blind then I guess there is only one person but substitute blindness by bifocals and you will get two persons. One would be the person with bifocals and other sans the bifocals.  I know some of you will say bifocals has nothing to do with eternal love and personality is imperative.  But all those lovelies should know that I am writing about “love af first sight”,  so yes looks matter and so does bifocals to look at that looks. Yeah…  so people with bifocals will fall for which one?

Ehh… anyway I don’t want to be Claudius II and behead beloved valentine love from this world but if possible… if given a chance to change something about this love…. I would make it less painful for some of us. 



what we remember?

Everyone in this world is joined by one common thing (well apart from oxygen….and global warming….and now a days terrorism too) that’s our memories. Maybe we don’t share same memory but we all definitely do have memories of our own. All of our memories, childhood memories, having ice-cream, riding our first bikes, first day of school, first date, kisses, coffee, first car….well I am sure you got the idea.

But are we sure that the memory and the truth is one and same thing. I have seen what I remember is not exactly the truest version of events. Somehow human mind is hardwired to identify extremities of events to turn it in memories. We remember the events by degree of sadness or happiness or worried or tensed or eager.

Why we don’t have a memory like, “Remember the day you came home late and went to sleep” instead we have memories like, “Remember when you came late that night, I was worried sick”. So my question is, “What is our memories sans the emotions”. If we remove our emotions from the memories would the raw intensity of truth be unbearable for us to carry.  Our emotions, which if shown publicly defines weakness, are strong enough to cushion us from the vitriolic truth.

Emotions are a lot of thing….a shield from truth, a weakness to hide, a phase kind of thing to go through, a thing to blame for our behavior but emotions are what make our memories worth remembering…everytime!!!

celestial myth

While I keep on making constellation with wishes,

You were tearing apart galaxies with garish flickers.

Crafting the saga of timeless desire with smudges,

Shooting down from sky only to kiss the sweltering earth.

Planets kept on running, trying to outclass yesterday,

Innocently stacking more todays with every period;

Excruciatingly adding more myths with each round.


Our love remained unsung till the end,

To come to the expiry, waiting to be favored.

Your love was melancholy while I bought the luck;

We poised the scale to face ups and downs discretely,

Always winding up in unalike chapter of fate.

Heaviness of impending life too heavy to accept,

We denied the balance of truth for bitterness.


Tears shed leaving their trail on rocks,

Revealed by strangers to amass as relics.

Completing the puzzles by linking them,

Creating the constellations to shine again.

But at what cost and in which era?

Hearts shedding life like shooting star,

Ceasing to exist in this corporeal universe.

gay go up and gay go down

Remember the days when the word GAY was just a word to express happiness, not a controversial word to conduct protest or to propose laws. Not that I am against the present usage of the word. I believe in co-existence so the present representation of the word is perfectly fine with me. But what I am trying to write here is one of my experiences…pretty recent experience which is by no means PRETTY. So the incidence goes like this…my rocking dating life with me bed,  is intriguing enough for some of my colleagues. So one of them asked me why I am not dating anyone presently. I, like a normal person told him that how I am sick of guys who want to meet with me and talk over few drinks (read to force fed me alcohol) knowing very well my aversion to such drinks. I mean come on folks offer me coffee or mocktails and I would be all yours well at least for the talk part. But inviting a girl for drinks to get her drunk and then entertain your shoddy self…..cheap thrill. Maybe I would have handled getting drunk part but some guys and incorrigibly insolent. I will tell you why….

Some of them are under the assumption that until they haven’t sent some pervy texts to a woman their macho status is threatened. So be ready to read some texts (maybe majority of texts) full of sexual innuendo. No matter how boldly you have asked them not to send such texts or maybe be you have started ignoring their texts altogether but they will religiously send you those weird texts.

So having said all this I said that “I am pretty sure that I am done with guys”. And from here started the rumor that I am not at all interested in guy. Now rumor mill has been spreading this rumor that not only I am not interested in guys but also I swing the other way….altogether. Resulting in weird looks from ladies when I look at them too hard. Guys are way too excited and are asking coyly well not so coyly that whether I have ever considered a threesome.

Trust me I have never controlled my urge of mass killing. How come inappropriate behavior from some other person can be a deciding factor in my sexual orientation that too without consulting me K. If I am not dating someone than why do I need to be declared as a gay.


well you have earned it!!


Amazingly I bumped into one of my classmates after a very long time. We had one of those long chats where you end up talking about each and every memory of high school. While the catching up part was fun but real fun came when he said these parting words, “Its nice meeting you M, I used to think you are pretty arrogant during high school but you are not”. Said this he left but his words never did. So I started thinking was I arrogant when i was in high school or for that matter throughout my life?

Isn’t arrogance is like respect…  as in people need to earn it. Also like respect it’s a two way road. I mean come on how mad do you think someone could get to deploy arrogance without any concrete reasons. At least in my case I know my aloof arrogance had a reason….. a resolute one.

During my school days I used to be one of those ugly ducklings who used to be so awkwardly ugly that people used to make fun of me on my face. As a result I was that kid who used to remain withdrawn and most of the time lost in her own mind place. I clearly remember whenever someone used to talk to me; the first thought would be “wait for the insults, just wait”. So in defense sarcasm and skepticism kicked in which was and still is mistaken as arrogance. (Some explanation that was huh 😉 ).  Eventually it happened that people who were already avoiding me started avoiding me more due to sarcasm and I not being the eternal fan of insults avoided them in return. In a way it was like catch 22.

One thing led to another and soon we all left for various places and i somehow managed not to be ugly.  I didn’t turn in some diva but yeah i am not that unfortunate looking now plus the knowledge of “how to dress up” helped too. So when that batch mate told me that i was arrogant I just cannot stop thinking that how could the bullies not know that “not looking for insults to be hurled at you” is not arrogance.  It’s simply save your ass mechanism. And even after all these tactful avoiding act of someone confronts you specifically to insult you well the command is to “sarcasm assemble”  that’s not arrogance that is defense according to my “save your ass”  manual 😜 .

As if all this drama is not  enough some of the guys who are (were) “friends” on social media started pointing out the much shameful thing “hey you are not the same person from the high school anymore,  look at you 😉.  Would you like to go for a coffee ☕ sometime”.  Imagine my state of mind these are the guys who never looked at me.  No correction they used to look at me but not in that way. At least not to ask out for coffee. So if I declined their offer to be entertained by them. Also I can’t see why I should be crucified for that or to be called as an arrogant person.

I have my well founded qualms which are reinforced a lot of times.  I am not saying these people are same as they were in during high school. There is this teeny tiny sliver of hope that they might have evolved 👻(kindly note the tone of hopefulness beneath the layer of eternal sarcasm). But I am still that vulnerable and emotionally insecure person when it comes to this stuff.  Overly protective, hence I avoid such situations where I can be shoved back into that abyss of low confidence once again. Also my whole life I have used sarcasm (maybe not whole life but ever since I discovered that sarcasm is not a myth😍) as a buffer system. It kept me safe and sane. Might be a silly excuse but survival tricks are not that easy to come across. To be honest, a trick which is so entertaining and caustic at the same time is a real jewel. So kindly excuse my lifestyle if it tried to co-exist with teenage hormones.

So if I was arrogant maybe (kindly read DEFINETLY) you have somehow attracted my attitude with your own charming behavior then please Oh Lord of this universe 👑keep your thoughts to yourself. Because as you know like most of the emotions present in this human world showing attitude which is essentially translated into being arrogant or disrespectful, also is a two way thing. Be nice to me and the general courtesy calls for normal behavior, which again essentially consists of no rude behavior from my side. So if I have this basic sense than most certainly my attitude must have well founded reason to show itself. Because I am sure that than, Lord of this universe, you have earned it 👊. 


the other woman

“I am not like other women,  I do not apply makeup”.  “I take barely 5 minutes to dress up unlike other women who take forever to dress up”.  “I am different because i do not wear heels”.  Comments like these ☝  and many more can be heard everyday. Before we go ahead let me write a disclaimer “This post is not a sexist/feminist/ any kind of gender biased post or opinions.  The opinions are exclusively personal and anyone who wants to tag it as anti-women/anti-whatever gender can tag it whatever they want to do but do not tell others about your opinion on my opinions 😉 “.  Okay now it is safe to proceed with writing 😜. Some days are so weird that you start to doubt whether you will breath a little loudly and not be tagged as *anti-something*.  

Anyway continuing with the post where we,  the wonderful women,  try to demarcate ourselves from the other women. When we say we are different from other women on the basis of so called shallow traits like makeup, heels, number of boyfriends or fuck buddies and blah blah blah… 😷.   These traits are there not to be used as a benchmark to measure your life.  These are out there just like  oxygen…. you know like how you do not measure the amount of oxygen inhaled by you v/s the same inhaled by others 😒. 

So stop being the idiotic breed which wants to be different and would do anything to be that because at the end of the day humans will remain humans whether they have applied makeup or not. Unless you start checking in under a box marked “unlike other women”  you fall in same category with all the other women. 

What is incredibly irritating is,  those who are putting on makeup or taking extra time to dress up or wearing heels or whatever they are doing…according to “unlike other women”  class,  these are the traits to attract others towards them.  But if all of these dolled up women are same and “unlike other women”  is the different section,  then ain’t people would be more attracted towards  the different section. I mean this whole unlike thingy might as well work as an underlining reagent to attract the attention.  And why so much fuss about getting attention 🤔

Also to be brutally honest if I ever want to highlight myself then I would go for better criteria  like humanity rather than makeup preferences and inches of heels under my feet or lack of any of these . I understand the need to highlight ourselves from rest of the breathing population.  But who gets to decide the criterion of this demarcation and who will decide that the criteria which I have selected and used to pass my judgemental opinion for others,  is correct or not. 

Basically at the end,  it once again the saying saving the day and stealing the limelight…. Before judging someone (other women),  walk i  their heels with their make up on while juggling the boyfriends along with people like “unlike others”.  🙃🙃


serene red

Red is the color of victory-as said by wise researches of Britain. According to them wearing the color during sports increases the chance of victory. It increases the probability of winning. The fact here the color red has been associated with anger. With anger comes fierceness. And being fierce most certainly helps in winning.

Next the color red is associated with passion. Passion for success, love, pride, glory, happiness….passion for life. It’s all in this color that you need to feel deliriously for your favorite thing/person 😉 .

Red is the color for anger….deep, fathomless anger…giving birth to hatred or maybe not. You see red when you are angry or jealous.

Red is the color of love and lust. You want to express love to your sweetheart you select a red rose. You want to seduce someone wear red (well at least wearing red works for the fairer sex ….at least being the key word 😛 ).

In all, what I am trying to convey here is whenever someone says the color red all I can conjure up is warmth, passion, rage, love, angst and various infectious emotions. It’s the color with ebullient feeling maybe because the blood running in our veins are red in color. Maybe there is some other reason I am not aware of or maybe I am not intelligent enough to figure out why red is the all of above. But I got my share of lectures and suggestions….well most of the time I think when people give you suggestions they succumb to lectures after a while. Anyway so I got all the knowledge and lifesaving information about the color red when I decided to paint one wall of my living room in red color. Not a light shade of red or timid red. I chose the red as red as red. As lively as blood, as fierce as anger, as warm as love and as deep as passion.

I chose red because I was not consciously aware of the connection of red to all these emotions. What I was aware of was the fact that red is sun when it kisses the sea at dusk. Evoking lounging of lifetime for many, at the same time invoking fulfillment for a lot. For me red is the color of lightening sometimes when it lit up the sky at night, making patterns in the night sky for millions of us to watch in dark. For me red is the color of fall. All the red complementing graciously the floor of the earth. For me red is the star blinking somewhere hovering in the sky, just there at the corner. Assuming that all of us have seen some stars at least once in our lives 😛 .But above all red is the color which gives you dreams when you look at the crackling fire and could see a dance so ancient that it defies time. It’s the core of that fire which consists of everything yet it is so sublime that it could be as soothing as wind or water or just an old t-shirt. Red is the fire burning in our hearts ….that is what red for me….serenity.

Now you know why the wall is red because all this time it was serene red for me.